Senin, 07 Desember 2009

Yui Makino

Now I want to tell you about Yui Makino. She is an actress, singer, an pianist. Here about her,
Makino took up piano at the age of four. Her talent for playing piano was discovered by the film director Shunji Iwai when she was seven years old and from the age of 8 to 17, she played piano solos for three of his films: Love Letter, All About Lily Chou-Chou and Hana and Alice.
She made her debut as a singer in 2005 with “Omna Magni”, produced by Yoko Kanno. It was used as the ending theme song for the anime Sousei no Aquarion. In the April of the same year, she also debuted as a seiyū, starring as heroine Sakura in Tsubasa Chronicle and recording several songs for its soundtrack. She released “Amrita”, the theme song for the Tsubasa Chronicle film, as well as “Undine”, the opening theme for the TV Tokyo anime Aria the Animation, coupled with its inserted song “Symphony”. It achieved #25 on the Oricon chart.
On 2006, Makino released two songs from another TV Tokyo anime, Aria the Natural, the theme song “Euphoria” and insert song “Amefuribana”. They were released on one product and achieved #18 on the Oricon chart. She released her debut album, Tenkyū no Ongaku on 6 December 2006.
In 2007, she was invited to represent Japan at the Japan-China cultural exchange event. She also released two singles for the programmes Sketchbook ~full color's~ and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.
On 23 January 2008, Makino released her seventh single, “Spirale” as the opening theme of Aria the Origination. Coupled with the anime’s insert song, “Yokogao”, the single reached #20 on the Oricon chart. She also performed her first solo concert at the Fuchuno Mori Geijutsu Gekijo Wien Hall in Tokyo, where she sang and played the piano accompaniment for each song. She released her eponymous second album, Makino Yui in March 2008. It reached #22 on the Oricon chart. She graduated from Tokyo College of Music as a piano major in the same month.
In 2009, Yui started traveling overseas to perform in various events, and on 7 October 2009, she released her latest single "Tan Po Po Sui Sha.


Never Give Up!

Hi, guys! This night I’m in my bedroom, writing this article. Well, long time I never write in my blog.

I had finished my final test for this semester. Of course I’m feeling happy right now. I have work hard in this week. I thank to God because He always bless me until now, especially when I do my final test.

Well, I still afraid to get remedial test. It means, what I have done is nothing. Now I’m still waiting for the announcement, I get remedial test, or not.

I’m not just waiting and do the remedial if I get it. This week, my classmates and I will have an extra lesson. It’s special for 9th grade! My teacher arranged it for prepare us to do the UN. UN is a test made by the government, in my country. UN is made for 6th grade, 9th grade, and 12th grade. If I don’t pass the UN, I won’t go to the senior high school. So, UN is so determine my study.

Maybe for 7th grade and 8th can rest now. Maybe they can go to shopping, picnic, or something that can make this brain take a rest. For 9th grade, now we must study hard to pass the UN.

Sometimes I feel so tired because everyday I must study, study, and study. Sometimes, I feel jealous to my brothers. Everyday, I look them playing online computer games. I seldom look them study. I often bewail because of this! This is so tired. I need a rest.

If I think again, I’m so stupid. Why I must bewail of this? Why I must feel jealous to my brothers? How about my teachers? Until now, I never think about them. I never look from my teachers’ side. I must know that my teacher also tired, but they do that. They do that for her child, 9th graders. Well, I think, teachers are so kind. They sacrificed their time, and their energy, just for their students.

I know my teachers are working hard too. They want us to pass the UN together. Now, I try to never give up. Maybe I feel tired, and need to take a rest, but I won’t give up to study, because my teachers, my friends, and I do this together and also with God. I’m sure; I will pass the UN with my friends if we do that seriously.

In doing everything, don’t give up. Be optimist that you can do that. Do that seriously, and I’m sure, you’ll get the best one. Never give up in doing everything in this life, is the key of success.

Air Gear

Air Gear is an anime that tells about teenagers that play AT. My brothers and I love this anime. The story is good, and the picture is also good. This is about it:

Air Gear is a shonen manga by the mangaka Ito "Oh Great" Ogure. Air Gear is about the life of Itsuki Minami "Ikki", also known as "Baby face" and "Lil (and Little) Crow", and his friends. The story follows their use of Air Trecks, an in-universe invention derived from inline skates. The early parts of the story carry out the introduction of characters that eventually join Ikki. As the story progresses, it focuses on their roles as Storm Riders and their quest to be on the top of the Trophaeum Tower. It won the 2006 Kodansha Manga Award in the shonen category.

The Story is….

Itsuki "Ikki" Minami, is a student and a delinquent. Also known as the "Unbeatable Babyface", Ikki is the leader of the youth gang by the name of "East Side Gunz". Upon his return home, after being humiliated by a Storm Rider team called the Skull Saders, Ikki discovers a secret hidden from him by his benefactors, the Noyamano sisters. The sisters belong to a group of Storm Riders who go by the team name of Sleeping Forest. In the anime, learning the sisters' secret angers him and he steals a pair of Air Trecks, abbreviated as "AT". (In the manga, the sisters give a pair of ATs to him and invite him to skate with them.) Ikki eventually settles his grudge with the Skull Saders, but in the process he receives more than the simple satisfaction of revenge. Determined to experience the sensation of "flight" for as long as he can, Ikki is quickly engaged in the mysterious, irresistible world of Air Treks.

We can see many of characters in Air Gear. Here are the main Characters:

Itsuki Minami (Ikki):

The main protagonist of the story, he was given Air Trecks (in the anime, he took them himself) and soon delved into the world of Storm Riders. Eventually he creates a team, Kogarasumaru. Originally trained to become the Sky King by Sora, he soon finds himself betrayed by Sora and Nike, (Sora's twin brother) who steal his Regalia. Shortly thereafter, Ikki becomes the Storm King and follows the "Hurricane Road."

Kazu Mikura (Kazuma):

A long-time friend of Ikki, Kazu is a friend who's always by his side. He is a speed-type rider who has recently inherited the title of Flame King following the path of the flame road along with Spitfires old AT's. Due to his speed he got the nickname Stealth.


Also a long-time friend of Ikki, Onigiri is a "perverted pig" as called by most. He has an unorthodox riding style, wearing his Air Trecks on his head and riding it upside-down. He has his own unique Road called the Smell Road, which uses an opponent’s sense against them.

Issa Mihotoke (Fats Buccha):

Formerly of the Team Yaō (Night Kings), Buccha was defeated by Ikki and his team was forced to disband. Eventually, he joins Ikki's team as one of the main power riders, making use of his extremely large build and strength.

Akito/Agito (Line Wanijima):

He is the Fang King with a split-personality. Akito is the "light" side while Agito is the "dark" side. They used to work for the police team of "WIND" until inspired by Ikki to leave and join Kogarasumaru after being rescued. Their split-personality changes depending on the side their eye patch is worn. Akito wears his patch on his right eye, Agito on his left. Later, a new personality named Lind emerged. Lind is somewhat like a "big brother" personality. He claims he is the original personality of the body.


Dynasty Warrior 6 Review

Almost everyday I play Dynasty Warrior 6 in Xbox360, it’s because I haven’t PS3 yet, and I don’t want to buy it. This game tells about a war in China a long time ago. I think it’s very interesting. The picture is very good.

This is an opinion from

February 15, 2008 - Dynasty Warrior 6 is the next entry in the now long line of Koei titles that center on the exploits of warriors from ancient East Asian nations. Developed by Omega Force, Dynasty Warriors 6 brings back the familiar button-mashing experience with a few slight modifications that help in certain ways and hurt the game in others. Although this can be a somewhat enjoyable title for people who want some straight-forward button-mashing, there are certainly a few negative things to be said about this warrior romp.

As is the case with the previous Dynasty Warriors titles, this game inhabits the scenarios established most notably by Luo Guanzhong's epic Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Unfortunately, most of the narrative is completely lost when playing.

The story is apparently told by spewing foreign (at least for US gamers) names and locations at you without any real introduction or crash course, meaning that people unfamiliar with the original tale or inexperienced with the franchise will be utterly lost. Even the graciously provided Encyclopedia, which documents an impressive amount of information about the game's historical elements, isn't really part of the proper narrative. Obviously story isn't a primary concern when it comes to this game, but it would have been nice to learn a little something about a great piece of Chinese literature in the process. I understand that the game wants to deliver the perspective of as many characters as possible (to expand the gameplay), but perhaps a focus on a single warrior and his or her involvement in the various wars would not only be intelligible but carry greater weight.

With that said the bulk of the game plays out in the Musou and Free Modes. The only difference between them is that Free Mode lets you replay previous battles with unlocked characters, not only for fun but to gain levels, considering that experience points are cumulative across the board.

Fighting in Dynasty Warriors is pretty much exactly what you'd expect -- and perhaps even simpler than that. You run around and mash away at a single button for the majority of the time. Your warrior of choice can also execute a Power Attack to break an enemy's guard, as well as a devastating Musou Attack that shatters your opponent's ranks. These Musou techniques are pretty fun to use, requiring you to build up energy during combat and save it for the right moment.

New to the series is being able to climb ladders to reach fortress walls, as well as swim through almost any body of water. These aren't necessarily "innovations," but at least the series is attempting to catch up to other games that have offered these freedoms for years. While I found the added movement to be refreshing, Dynasty Warriors is still desperate for better level design. Not only does everything feel horrendously flat and lifeless, but there's almost nothing exciting about hopping from one fort to another.

The other major change made to the title is the introduction of the Renbu system, which alters your character's attacks depending on how long you can chain together kills. Thus, in order to do more damage and perform flashier techniques, you simply have to dispatch as many soldiers as possible in a chain and build up your Renbu Gauge. Initially, I thought this was an interesting idea. My mind soon changed when I realized what was sacrificed in the name of this "innovation": the combos. Most Koei games have at least offered some sort of combat system where you can alternate between "weak" and "strong" techniques to create different combos. As simple as it was, it provided at least a certain layer of control that complicated an otherwise overly simplistic battle system. With Renbu in place, however, you'll spend the entire game pounding away on a single button.

But Dynasty Warriors 6 does have a number of cool things to note. The amount of leveling up you can do is fairly impressive and each character's campaign takes at least a few hours to work through, providing you with quite a lot of content (despite the repetition). The lack of an online co-op mode is once again disappointing, but local co-op is always appreciated.

Unfortunately, my compliments must end there. Dynasty Warriors 6 is not a good looking game, and it performs even worse on the PS3 than on the 360 (even when you opt to install the game data). There is a sickening amount of pop-in, particularly when engaged in two-player mode, and the PS3 can experience some serious slowdown. PS3 multiplayer is almost unplayable.

Lastly, I enjoyed seeing a Challenge Mode available for those who love snagging a high score, but most of the tasks involved were boring. For example, Speed Run involves trying to get to each base on a map as quickly as possible. It wasn't overly enthralling.


Anime, The Pros and Cons

When you heard the word “Anime”, what do you think? Is it a positive things or a negative one? Like every aspect in our life, anime brings not fully positive or negative impact. It depends on the way people sees thing with the different point of view.

For people who see the positive side of anime, they might say that it brings much good influence in teenage life.

The positive influences of anime are:

First, stimulate creativity in teenage mind. Anime can develop their imagination, so, their creativity will increase.

Second, anime is facility to teenagers who likes to draw. I think anime has a good picture especially in drawing human. Maybe anime can be an example to those who like drawing. So, they can improve their talent.

Third, anime can explore the language. Many of anime made in Japan. So, Japanese will be used. From that, we can learn about Japanese language. Well, until now, I never study about Japanese language. I know about Japanese through watching anime, but I still don’t know much about it.

The last, we can learn from the story. I think many of anime have a good story, and of course, we can learn about it.

For people who see the negative side of anime, they might say that it brings much bad influence in teenage life, and maybe, those people might hate anime.

The negative influences of anime are:

First, impolite or informal language used in anime. I think that’s the bad side of anime. We know that anime is for child or teenage. Especially for child, they might say what they have heard. So, it’s dangerous for child.

Second, anime has a pornographic scene. I ever see 1 serial of anime that made for adult, but many teenagers also see that. I think teenage mustn’t see that anime because it’s made for adult. I don’t know what will happen if child see anime that made for adult.

The last, anime brings violence influence to the children. Some anime tells about gangster, war, etc that contains of violence. Children aren’t enough to understand that. If children see the anime like that, not impossible if they do like what they have watched.

We know that anime brings many influence in our life. Negative influence, and positive influence. We can get the positive influence by choose the best or the good anime. We can choose through look at the synopsis in the internet. So we can know about the anime first. If we think that it was good, we can watch it and maybe, recommended it to our friends.

Anime have a good side and bad side. It’s like a knife. It’s good for us if we use it for positive thing. For example, we use it for cooking. Knife also cab brings disaster to human being if we use it for negative thing. For example, we use it for killing someone.

Are you going to use it for cooking, or killing the one that you hate?