Senin, 07 Desember 2009

Never Give Up!

Hi, guys! This night I’m in my bedroom, writing this article. Well, long time I never write in my blog.

I had finished my final test for this semester. Of course I’m feeling happy right now. I have work hard in this week. I thank to God because He always bless me until now, especially when I do my final test.

Well, I still afraid to get remedial test. It means, what I have done is nothing. Now I’m still waiting for the announcement, I get remedial test, or not.

I’m not just waiting and do the remedial if I get it. This week, my classmates and I will have an extra lesson. It’s special for 9th grade! My teacher arranged it for prepare us to do the UN. UN is a test made by the government, in my country. UN is made for 6th grade, 9th grade, and 12th grade. If I don’t pass the UN, I won’t go to the senior high school. So, UN is so determine my study.

Maybe for 7th grade and 8th can rest now. Maybe they can go to shopping, picnic, or something that can make this brain take a rest. For 9th grade, now we must study hard to pass the UN.

Sometimes I feel so tired because everyday I must study, study, and study. Sometimes, I feel jealous to my brothers. Everyday, I look them playing online computer games. I seldom look them study. I often bewail because of this! This is so tired. I need a rest.

If I think again, I’m so stupid. Why I must bewail of this? Why I must feel jealous to my brothers? How about my teachers? Until now, I never think about them. I never look from my teachers’ side. I must know that my teacher also tired, but they do that. They do that for her child, 9th graders. Well, I think, teachers are so kind. They sacrificed their time, and their energy, just for their students.

I know my teachers are working hard too. They want us to pass the UN together. Now, I try to never give up. Maybe I feel tired, and need to take a rest, but I won’t give up to study, because my teachers, my friends, and I do this together and also with God. I’m sure; I will pass the UN with my friends if we do that seriously.

In doing everything, don’t give up. Be optimist that you can do that. Do that seriously, and I’m sure, you’ll get the best one. Never give up in doing everything in this life, is the key of success.

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