Senin, 07 Desember 2009

Anime, The Pros and Cons

When you heard the word “Anime”, what do you think? Is it a positive things or a negative one? Like every aspect in our life, anime brings not fully positive or negative impact. It depends on the way people sees thing with the different point of view.

For people who see the positive side of anime, they might say that it brings much good influence in teenage life.

The positive influences of anime are:

First, stimulate creativity in teenage mind. Anime can develop their imagination, so, their creativity will increase.

Second, anime is facility to teenagers who likes to draw. I think anime has a good picture especially in drawing human. Maybe anime can be an example to those who like drawing. So, they can improve their talent.

Third, anime can explore the language. Many of anime made in Japan. So, Japanese will be used. From that, we can learn about Japanese language. Well, until now, I never study about Japanese language. I know about Japanese through watching anime, but I still don’t know much about it.

The last, we can learn from the story. I think many of anime have a good story, and of course, we can learn about it.

For people who see the negative side of anime, they might say that it brings much bad influence in teenage life, and maybe, those people might hate anime.

The negative influences of anime are:

First, impolite or informal language used in anime. I think that’s the bad side of anime. We know that anime is for child or teenage. Especially for child, they might say what they have heard. So, it’s dangerous for child.

Second, anime has a pornographic scene. I ever see 1 serial of anime that made for adult, but many teenagers also see that. I think teenage mustn’t see that anime because it’s made for adult. I don’t know what will happen if child see anime that made for adult.

The last, anime brings violence influence to the children. Some anime tells about gangster, war, etc that contains of violence. Children aren’t enough to understand that. If children see the anime like that, not impossible if they do like what they have watched.

We know that anime brings many influence in our life. Negative influence, and positive influence. We can get the positive influence by choose the best or the good anime. We can choose through look at the synopsis in the internet. So we can know about the anime first. If we think that it was good, we can watch it and maybe, recommended it to our friends.

Anime have a good side and bad side. It’s like a knife. It’s good for us if we use it for positive thing. For example, we use it for cooking. Knife also cab brings disaster to human being if we use it for negative thing. For example, we use it for killing someone.

Are you going to use it for cooking, or killing the one that you hate?

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